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Tired of doing lots of work for low fees? Are you attracting the wrong clients! Your web presence can fix that, by helping you be effective online.


Be Effective Online

Attract the clients you really want.
Do the work you want to do.
Website Design for Solicitors who know what they want


Generate More Sales

Having a professional web presence will attract good clients and therefore generate more of the sales you want for your business.


Get Better Clients

Get the type of clients you really want. A well managed great solicitors website design can do that for you with some good Digital Marketing.

Solicitor Web Design Agency Ireland in Dublin & Donegal

Inspiring ‘Professional Legal Services Practices‘ to be more effective online…

“We specialise in designing websites for solicitors in Ireland that get the clients you really want”


Improve rankings for the right terms


to get the customers they really want


do the work they like to do


Increase sales


Save time for the practice

“Creating Opportunities & Delivering Prequalified Leads for Growth Minded Solicitors in Ireland”

See some of our Irish Solicitors Website Designs


Carmody Moran Solicitors

“Design looks great and enquiries are coming in”

Anthony Carmody

Partner, Carmody Moran Solicitors


Lanigan Clarke Solicitors

“MEANit – we recommend them very very highly. They just do the job right.”

Garry Clarke

Partner, Lanigan Clarke Solicitors

Crawford Gallagher Solicitors

“We are located beside the Courthouse, but off the main street. So, we needed to get found online, to help people find us offline. And we want to explain which services we offer – it works!”

Managing Partner, Crawford Gallagher Solicitors

Gallagher McCartney Solicitors

“We wanted a website that reflected the practice well, to explain what we do and where we do it”

Mairin McCartney

Managing Partner, Gallagher McCartney Solicitors

We have hundreds more samples of mobile friendly websites in our portfolio


Solicitor Website Design

Attract the clients you really want.
Do the work you want to do.
Website Design for Solicitors who know what they want


Solicitor SEO

Website Design for Solicitors that will deliver pre-qualified enquiries. Fast, mobile first, dependable, professional Web Design, SEO & Support


Website Support

Let us ensure your WordPress website performs well, is safe, secure, up to date, with a monthly health check and a full report for you.

Our 14 Step Website Process for Web Design for Solicitors – how we work with you.


Initial Enquiry












Responsive Design


Content Collection








Care & Support


Digital Marketing



What our Legal Website Design & Website Support Clients say

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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions about Solicitor Web Design Agency Ireland

What do you want to know?

How much does a solicitors website cost?

Solicitors Website Design Costs for solicitors vary, just like buying cars or houses, from hundreds of euros to tens of thousands plus. However, a reasonable ‘Rule of Thumb’ for affordable web design by a competent developer is about €250 to €350 a page minimum.

How long does creating a website take?

4 to 8 weeks on average. Initially, the chosen web design agency needs to ask loads of questions about you and your company. How will this website benefit you or your clients? Why are you building it? What results do you expect?

The agency has to then write up a simple proposal with an estimate for you to consider.
Then if you take them on, they will write up a Brief or plan for you to approve. Then draw a wireframe or sitemap or layout for you to approve. Then they move on to do a mockup design or prototype for your approval, before the go to actual development.
During all that time, you need to gather all your website content as in photos and text. They cannot or should not start any development until you have given them all the content you want in the website – text and photos for all page.

After this whole process the agency has to run tests before finally publishing the website.

Why do I need a solicitors website?

Having a good website can instantly boost your credibility and capture the attention of new clients. First impressions count, and websites allow you to make a very strong impression. A website can help showcase your expertise in the legal field. However the website is just one tool to use in your overall Marketing.

Do you offer support plans for solicitors websites?

Yes – we offer ongoing support, maintenance, training and search engine optimisation. Tell us what you specifically would like us to do for you.

In theory anybody can build a website, there are loads of free or low cost options. However, with over 20 years experience and a great Irish team, we know and understand the tools. And which ones to use for your firm, with your own wants and desires.

Click to see our supports plans.

Do you offer support plans and SEO for solicitors websites?

Yes. And we deliver both Website Support and SEO services to clients Nationwide.

Website Support
We have a number of options from Minimum Monthly Care which comes with 48 hour response time to Business Pro which offers 6 hour response time. As much as you would like 6 hour, I do think that 48 is usually sufficient. You simply send any support requests to, so that John or Damien can attend to it. See options at  which details what we do every month for your firm including the sending of a detailed report for your records. Note: Someone has to do your website maintenance regularly to avoid technical issues, breach of security, hacking, downtime etc. We offer a DIY guide at the bottom of that page, if you have someone on your team who is technically competent to do the work every month.

Website SEO – Ongoing Monthly Services
Again, we have a team here doing this and we offer a few different options, depending on how aggressive you want to be in any given area. See  for the four Search Engine Optimisation options we offer, if we are a good fit for your firm.

Here we do also recommend you go for the lowest option and just try it for a few months. There is no contract, you pay to play, for as long as it is working for you. Any work we do adds value to your website for the long term, unlike PPC Google Ads or Linkedin Ads or even Facebook Ads. If you subscribe to a plan and your phone rings with profitable business, then it makes sense to continue with the service.

“Choosing a Web Design Agency – Why choose MEANit”

10 Reasons to work with MEANit Web Design Agency

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