Solicitor SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Are you looking to optimise a website for a solicitors practice?

Do you want to improve your Search Rankings for legal services?

Some advice for solicitors to help optimise your website…

Solicitors get pitched on spending on Google Ads and Facebook Campaigns, Linkedin and Instagram Ads, which is all very short term. However the best long term investment is in organic ranking, by making your website more effective. Think reputation.

For a Solicitor or Legal practice – How to optimise your web presence? Six quick tips for you:

  1. GBP Google Business Profile which is a FREE tool – use it. Get this right – see our guide HERE. People see options in the Map stack at the top of any search results page. This is before any website results.
  2. Google Reviews – Get more 5* Reviews than your immediate competitors. See the same Guide HERE. People trust independent reviews.
  3. Navigation – Ensure that your website navigation or user flow is intuitive, so that visitors get the information they want quickly
  4. Mobile First – Most of your website visitors start their search on a smart phone, so the website has to be mobile responsive and deliver well and fast. Check out your site.
  5. Optimise –  In order to get found and rank well in Google search, your website needs to be well optimised – every single page. This is what gets you found and on page 1. See our guide to What is SEO?
  6. Content – Your website should be very informative, about the services you offer and should answer all logical questions and ideally be engaging too. More is better than less, so ask and answers all logical questions in each service page. Show off your expertise.

Which type of SEO is best for a Solicitors practice?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a science, so engage with a competent agency that you trust.  An agency who does this for a living and who has other solicitors as happy clients. Ideally ongoing clients.

How much will your SEO cost?

How much do you want it to generate for your practice? Work out what you want and then offer the competent agency an acceptable percentage of that figure. If they can generate €50k pa, is that worth 10% as in €5k?

Guarantees – How do you know this agency will work out?

You don’t know – usually there are No guarantees. If the first agency does not work out after 6 months, find a new one, until you get it right. It is just like finding a restaurant that you like – simple! Unless you want to take responsibility for generating leads and sales yourself again.

Google Analytics – Data from the horses mouth.

Set up or have someone set up Google Analytics code in your website to allow you view independent performance figures. Another Web Design Agency job. Ask them to confirm it is done. Get a report or bill of health every month from Google itself. Just to ensure everything is working. And to see a snapshot of your figures once a month.

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