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What investment does a legal firm Website require to get the right web presence for their practice – here is a simple breakdown?

Website costs vary, just like cars or houses, from hundreds of euros to tens of thousands plus, but a reasonable ‘Rule of Thumb’ for affordable web design by a competent developer is about €200 to €250 a page minimum. That figure includes the correct technical aspects of page structure and navigation etc.

Any less and you have to worry that the Designer or Developer is inexperienced or charging too little and will deliver little of use for you. Or they will not be around in future when you need them.

It is all about time and a seasoned web design agency will know what is involved to deliver a good return on your investment. They will know how to lay out the pages, format the navigation, optimise the visitor flow and encourage conversion from visitor to someone who actually makes an enquiry.

What is included for the investment?
The basic website platform should include a WordPress CMS Content Management System which will allow you add, edit or delete content yourself. There should be no need to get back to the developer any time you want to make a simple edit to the website.

You will want a page for every area of practice you want to promote. So you will want a page for Property Law, Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Wills & Probate, Personal Injury or Medical Negligence, whichever areas are relevant for your particular practice at this time.
Design can be provided, ideally using Custom Design or by using a Design Theme. Custom design is one which is created just for your firm, whereas a design theme is an off the shelf design that is tweaked to suit your requirements.
Expect to invest about €2500 to €3000 for 10 pages and get some good input from an experienced qualified Digital Business Consultant for good planning.

NB: Add in any costs for design whether it is a low cost theme for about $99 or a custom graphic designer fee of about €750 plus

Content Management System
Initial content entry for 10 pages
Facility to add unlimited web pages
Attachment management
image and Flash manager
Media manager for image Gallery
DIY SEO tools
Google Maps
Preview Mode
Query Form
Website Statistics
Contact Form
Custom Login page
Custom 404 error page
User-friendly Dashboard

Design – Website Design Template choice of Client or Designer.

You can get a free or low cost legal design theme around €99 and then have your developer tweak it a little or customise it, but every change is more cost. Or you can get a good graphic designer with web design experience to create a design that works for you, preferably based on a theme too.

Again, if you want a customised design allow a budget for graphic design – anywhere from €500 to €1000 on average.

Support and Maintenance

Monthly Support & Maintenance Options if required need to be available, so that you have the back up of someone watching over this digital doorway. All websites need design theme and platform versions updates and security patches applied regularly. This is code or software and is prone to problems, if you do not look after it. Any plugins also need to be maintained. Probably a few hours a month. See Support Plans

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

The website needs SEF – Search Engine Friendly page set up option which adds €50 to €100 per page, a basic requirement for Digital Marketing. But Digital Marketing is so much more than this, so talk to the web design agency or a competent independent Digital Marketer before you build a website at all. This is what gets your website found in search.
Getting your business online properly should include adding targets and setting up some metrics. This will help you see the return on any investment. Once you realise how well this can work, you will be looking to ramp it up to get more enquiries. Not traffic, which is just vanity, but actual real, pre-qualified enquiries, that you really really want.


Your website needs to be hosted on a server somewhere, so that is is accessible 24 hours a day every day, with little or no down time.

Choosing a suitable host – Buy suitable secure 5* hosting, where they offer good customer support – expect to pay about €10 a month minimum to Siteground or Inmotion.

Now the average initial investment looks closer to €5000 initially, depending on modules or options required plus any customised design, plus any agreed ongoing support or Content Creation or Google Adwords spend. But because it is an investment, if it is done right, the dividends will more than repay any initial outlays. If your web partners tells you that for every €5000 you invest, you will get back €10,000 how many €5000’s do you want to invest?

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