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Are you looking for website support for a solicitors practice?

Ensure uptime, security, speed, performance…

Some advice for solicitors to help maintain your website…

Solicitors websites, like any business, need to be maintained. This protects your investment and ensures both its performance and security.

For a Solicitor or Legal practice – How to maintain your website? Six quick tips for you:

  1. Update software – Most website platform, such as WordPress need to be kept updated, as WordPress regularly upgrade their system
  2. Plugin updates – Like the website any plugins or extensions need to be updated regularly. Then ensure that any plugin update does not conflict with some othrer plugin, such as your all important contact form. How often do you test your own form?
  3. Backups – Even if you are doing all the right things, such as updating software, do take regular backups. This is so that you have a copy of your website somewhere, for that rainy day when your website gets hacked or deleted. It will happen.
  4. Hosting – The server where your website is hosted also has server side software that needs to be kept updated. Also check that the hosting service is performing well and that it or any other site on the server is not blacklisted. Good quality hosting is critical to both the speed and the security of your website. Do not invest in a cheap hosting environment or neighbourhood for the sake of a few euros.
  5. Domain–  Check that your domain is renewed on the due date and is in your own name and on your own credit card
  6. Analytics – Numbers never lie, so check your analytics regularly to ensure that the website is improving every month. Think of it as a double check on whoever is managing your website.

Which type of Website Support is best for a Solicitors practice?

Website platforms vary, so engage with a competent agency that you trust which specialises in that platform, whether it is WordPress, Joomla, even if it is Squarespace, Wix or whichever.  Work with a web design agency who does this for a living and who has other solicitors as happy website support clients.

How much will your Website Support cost every month?

Fees vary from about €49 to €199 a month depending on how much the web agency is doing for you. They will offer you a Menu of choices and explain what they are willing to do for which fee.

Do we really need it? This sounds like some form of Insurance pitch.

It is. Would you drive your car without having adequate cover? Do you service or maintain your own cars? No – get a good mechanic for your website.

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