Doing Site Safe Check – How do I Make My Website Secure?

Last updated: Feb 28, 2024

How do I Make My Legal Website Secure?

Ensuring the security of your WordPress website investment is akin to fortifying your professional online presence against potential threats. While it may not eliminate all risks, it acts as a deterrent, urging potential hackers to seek easier targets. It is like having an alarm box on the front of your home. Your website’s security is your responsibility, and a breach can result in severe consequences, including blacklisting by servers and search engines. To ensure robust defenses tailored to the Irish legal landscape, consider implementing the following measures:

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Top Strategies to Safeguard Your Website: Crucial Security Tips for Irish Solicitors

Unique Usernames: 

Say no to default usernames such as Admin or Administrator for your website control panel. Opt for an original username to enhance security, mirroring the uniqueness you bring to your legal practice.

Strong Passwords: 

Create complex passwords incorporating a mix of letters, numbers, caps, and special characters. Regularly change your password to stay one step ahead of potential threats.

Limit Login Attempts: 

Restrict login attempts to three, prompting users to request a new password. This practice discourages brute-force attacks and adds an extra layer of defense.

Keep WordPress Updated: 

Regularly update the WordPress core to the latest version, as updates often include crucial security enhancements. Stay proactive in maintaining a secure online presence.

Plugin Vigilance: 

Exercise caution with plugins. Only use well-tested plugins with positive reviews. Regularly update plugins, and be wary of free plugins, as they may pose security risks. Ensure your digital toolkit aligns with the precision expected in the legal profession.

Server-Level Updates: 

Ensure hosting software at the server level is up to date-and compatible with your website updates. Regularly update PHP for optimal security. This echoes the meticulous attention to detail required in legal proceedings.

Hide Configuration Files: 

Conceal sensitive files like wp-config and .htaccess. Perform this task after creating backups and maintain regular backup schedules, reflecting the careful documentation often associated with legal practices.

Security Agents:

Consider employing security agents like Sucuri, including their firewall, to maintain the cleanliness of your website and enhance security. Just as you rely on legal expertise, trust in specialised support for your digital security.


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): 

Implement 2FA or Google Authenticator for an additional layer of security. This method requires a username, password, and a pin sent to a mobile device, as in your phone. Your commitment to thorough authentication mirrors the diligence required in legal procedures.

Restrict Backend Permissions: 

Limit backend permissions for staff members to the essential functions they need. Reserve administration privileges for key personnel responsible for website security. It’s like managing access to confidential legal documents – strict and necessary.

Disable Comments: 

Unless necessary, disable comments to reduce potential vulnerabilities. This ensures your online space remains focused on delivering valuable legal insights without unnecessary risks.

Responsibility for Website Security: A Legal Imperative

The responsibility for your website’s security is paramount, reflecting the commitment to uphold legal standards. Take charge of your website’s security or enlist the help of a competent web partner to ensure robust protection aligned with legal principles. As a principal or a firm you do not want to be left wanting or being seen as irresponsible with regards your website security. 

Note: Any enquiries through your website means that the personal data is now stored in your website back end. Clean these out every month.

Investment in Website Security Check: A Legal Safeguard

Yes, website security requires an ongoing small investment of time or money, much like safeguarding legal interests. Treat your website’s security as diligently as ensuring legal compliance – regular maintenance is essential. Protect your website investment from potential threats to avoid reputation damage, loss of ranking, and blacklisting. Consider it a worthwhile investment in your online presence, reinforcing your commitment to professional standards.

For peace of mind, security, and optimal website performance tailored to the unique needs of Irish solicitors, explore our specialised website support service. Monthly reports ensure you stay informed about your website’s health and security, aligning with the transparency expected in legal proceedings.

Safeguard Your Digital Legal Space

As your website ages, its value increases, making security imperative. Don’t wait for a crisis; invest in ongoing website security to safeguard your online legal presence. Monthly reports and professional support can offer the peace of mind every Irish solicitor deserves. Take charge of your website’s security today to ensure a secure and thriving online legal practice.

For further enquiries or to explore tailored solutions for Irish solicitors, reach out to us. We specialise in providing effective online platforms for legal practices, ensuring your unique requirements are met. Talk to us about keeping your website secure.

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