Legal website design questions

Last updated: Sep 28, 2023

Legal website design questions to ask before you begin

10 good opening Legal website design questions to consider before building a website for your legal practice:
law-firm-website-design1. Why do you want a website?
This may seem obvious, but ask your team the question and you may find a number of different answers. They may all be valid. This also helps get the team involved and taking ownership early on.
2. Do you need a website at all?
Your practice may be very busy, so why get a website at all.
3. Is it just a simple Brochure site or a more informative one or a Blog?
Will you add, edit or delete text or photos. What do you plan to add to the site and how frequently. Who will be tasked with doing it.
4. Who is the Target Market?
Is the website to inform your existing clients or is it for potential clients.
5. Who will create the website for you? Why choose that web partner?
Has the proposed web design agency ever done a website for a legal firm. Do they have testimonials, case studies or samples of work.
6. Who will manage it, support & maintain it and train you?
Do you have someone on the team who can manage the website. Can they do the technical stuff, like monthly platform updates, security patches etc.
7. Do you have a Digital Marketing Strategy?
The website is a part of your digital footprint, do you have a plan for your overall web presence.
8. How much business do you project will come from your web presence?
Set some targets so that you can determine any return on your investment.
9. How will you measure success or your return on any investment?
Which methods or analytics tools will you use to determine the return on your investment, so that you can work out if investing is a good idea or strategy.
10. What other questions come to mind for you – every Client has specific requirements for their target market? Case management software, client access to files, secure email, shared cloud folders, taking payments online etc

Your legal practice is different to every other legal firm, but there are similarities, so you can get inspiration by simply Googling.

Get-a-free-quote-for-a-solicitors-websiteFind bits of sites that you like and work with your web design agency to get a look and feel that you like. Then make sure the site is of value to your visitors. It is your website, but it should not be all about you. It needs to be useful to visitors, by answering their questions, informing and educating them.