Recruiting Legal Staff

Last updated: May 10, 2021

Use your website when recruiting legal staff

The problems when the practice is short staffed include:

Lower productivity when staff numbers are depleted
Lower standard of work when staff numbers are too low
More errors
Happy-Legal-Practice-Team-mimi-thian-737030-unsplashPoor client service levels
Unhappy team
Time invested by senior partners doing interviews
Money invested in advertising
Cost of temporary staff
Cost of recruitment fees
Wasted investment in training wrong people
Reputation damage
Stress for the partners

Use your legal practice website to promote the vacancy.
Create a post to promote the position.
Include all relevant details, including terms and conditions, qualifications and experience required.
Copy and paste the link in to your Social channels.
Answer all the obvious questions.
Use an online form to ask questions to filter out unsuitable candidates.
Ask for a video pitch to see how potential candidates handle a little pressure.

How much time, hassle and money would it save you to have recruiting legal staff done online through your own website?