A solicitors online story – the truth, the whole truth and……

Last updated: May 10, 2021

Once upon a time there was a successful legal practice

Legal Disclaimer  “The solicitors used in this tale are fictional. Any resemblance between the characters in this tale and any real person or legal practice, is totally intentional”.

The story of a typical legal practice, somewhere in rural Ireland:

Legal-Firm-web-design-planning-gui-avelar-749797-unsplashOnce upon a time there was a successful legal practice. Every day the busy team in this practice worked long hours doing whatever their clients needed, conveyancing, employment contracts, attending meetings, negotiating between parties, appearing in court etc etc.
Every day was the same, with endless case work and non stop telephone calls and people just dropping in to ask “do you do such and such?”. The team worked diligently together to deliver the best service possible. But they all knew there was a better way, some form of structure that reduced the panic, pressure and stress, something that would make the days more fulfilling.

One day the Senior partners decided it was time to get a website that looked professional, partly to tick a box and partly to ensure that people could find the practice in Google. They met with a web design agency which had been recommended and had experience working with others solicitors. These guys seemed to know what they were doing. Their experience showed almost immediately.They even had recommendations from other good legal practices. They all talked together for 45 minutes, which flew by very quickly and together they came up with a plan to design, develop and populate a new website.
It took just two weeks to get a design done and approved by the firm and two more weeks to develop the new website.

legal-image-rawpixel-574844-unsplashThen the website was optimised to help it get found for the relevant key terms and it took eight weeks for Google to rank the website in search for the specific services offered by the practice. Then the website started getting found by the people the practice really really wanted as clients. Could it be this easy? Why had no one told us this before?

Because of the new web presence, the practice started getting more and more of these ideal clients. Because of that the practice became known as an ‘authority’ locally in the preferred areas of law. Bright graduates asked to work in the firm. Finally, the senior partners were able to grow their practice at their own pace, in the areas of law they liked and helping the types of clients they chose to help.

The practice manager was able to tweak the website content and integrate their social channels and more or less dictate how the outside world saw the practice. Soon the firm could, more or less, increase and decrease demands for services from the ideal types of clients.

Happy-Legal-Practice-Team-mimi-thian-737030-unsplashAnd the practice lived happy ever after.

Legal Firm web design planning does not have to be a nightmare or a horror story. Talk to us about telling your story properly online.