“The new look and improved performance reflects our practice well”

Etain Boyce

Personal Injury Specialist Solicitor, Boyce Kelly Solicitors

Boyce Kelly Solicitors – Donegal

The Brief

“We want to revamp our website to update how it looks, in keeping with the expansion we have enjoyed in this practice since we built our last website. The new one needs to be responsive and fast.”

Our Approach

We used WordPress as the platform and a design theme to create a website that holds a lot of the original content, but is quicker to deliver and to navigate. It was critical to retain all the previous Google history to help the new website rank as well and ideally better than the old website. The secret to this site was the work we put in together in the original wireframing of the layout.

The Results

The site retained all its integrity with Google and is gained even better traction, making it a page 1 result for many terms that may have been page 2 before.

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